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Teaching Assistant Consultant Program

The Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) Program

The Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) Program promotes and facilitates professional development programming for graduate student instructors and postdoctoral scholars. The Center for Educational Effectiveness is now hiring for its 2024-2025 cohort. 


  • Improving undergraduate education at UC Davis by working closely with graduate student instructors to strengthen teaching practices and enhance learning for all students.
  • Supporting the professional growth of UC Davis Teaching Assistants (TAs), Associate Instructors (AIs) and postdoctoral scholars.
  • Engaging TACs in a community of practice that provides meaningful growth experiences that, in turn, increase capacity and support for the broader campus teaching and learning community at UC Davis.
  • Encouraging dialogue and collaboration among the TACs to broaden perspectives about the purposes and practices of higher education beyond individual disciplines and approaches.
  • Promoting the development of TACs as instructors, consultants, and leaders in their teaching and learning communities.

Events and Services

TACs provide the following services to graduate student instructors and postdoctoral scholars:

  • Workshops to enhance teaching effectiveness and improve student learning;
  • One-on-one consultations, ranging from general consultations to discuss teaching and learning to Mid-Quarter Inquiries (MQIs). Regardless of the consultation type, one-on-one consultations provide a space for discussing teaching and learning with an experienced peer instructor in a confidential setting. 


Program Director: Amy Forester

2023 - 2024 Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs)