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Assessment Canvas Training

Introducing A.C.T.

The Assessment Canvas Training (A.C.T.) is a self-paced, fully asynchronous Canvas course designed for all who teach at UC Davis. Through a series of interactive modules, A.C.T. participants learn how to define, design, and develop high-impact assessments for their undergraduate courses. 

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The Assessment Canvas Training features 4 Core modules and 1 Explore module. 

Core module topics include: 
  • The What and Why of Assessment
  • How to Assess Student Learning
  • Pedagogical Practices that Support Assessment
  • Equity-Minded Assessment

In addition to the Core modules, participants are invited to explore additional assessment topics through the Explore module, which provides quick overviews and best practices on a variety of topics. The Explore module will invite you to “choose your own adventure” and learn about assessment topics that interest you. 

Explore topics include: 
  • Writing Great Multiple Choice Exams
  • Using Rubrics to Assess Student Work
  • Assessment and Active Learning
  • Student Learning Surveys and Other Forms of Indirect Evidence
  • Core Competencies Assessment
  • Experiential Learning Assessment
  • Program-Level Assessment for Majors/Minors
  • For Graduate Students and Postdocs: Careers in Assessment

We estimate that A.C.T. takes about 4 hours to complete from start to finish. 

Learning outcomes & intended impacts

After completing A.C.T., participants will be able to: 
  • Recall and apply fundamental assessment principles to a variety of pedagogical situations.
  • Implement equity-minded assessment practices in future assessment endeavors.
  • Describe a variety of topical explorations in the assessment field.
  • Develop assessment action plans for future teaching efforts.
We also hope that participating in A.C.T. will help participants feel:
  • Excited about the possibilities for integrating best practices into their future teaching efforts. 
  • Optimistic about their capacity to develop, implement, and lead others in equity-minded assessment.
  • Confident about leading assessment conversations with colleagues and in their programs/departments. 


A.C.T. Participants gain access to a variety of resources, exploratory activities, and materials that can be used to develop and implement high-impact assessment practices in their (future) teaching. 

Participants who successfully complete the course will also receive a Completion Certificate from the Center for Educational Effectiveness. 

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral students who complete A.C.T. will also qualify for a Learning Outcomes Assessment micro-credential through our partnership with the GradPathways Institute. 


A.C.T. is open to faculty, instructors, lecturers, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and staff who are involved in teaching students and/or assessing student academic performance. 



Erica Bender, Ph.D., Assessment Specialist,