Professors of Teaching Community of Practice


The Professors of Teaching Community of Practice meets bi-monthly to discuss teaching practices, educational research, community building, and other topics associated with the Professor of Teaching roles at UCD. CEE is a proud co-sponsor of the Professors of Teaching Community of Practice as their work is aligned to advancing the teaching, research, and service missions of UCD. Additional information about the Professors of Teaching can be found on the Professor of Teaching Series – Resources page through Academic Affairs.

UC Davis Professors of Teaching

CA&ESAmanda CrumpAssociate Professor of TeachingPlant
CA&ESSara DyeAssistant Professor of TeachingPlant
CA&ESDebbie FetterAssistant Professor of
CA&ESRobert FurrowAssistant Professor of TeachingWildlife, Fish, and Conservation
CA&ESKristin KieselAssociate Professor of TeachingAgricultural and Resource
CA&ESBwalya LunguAssociate Professor of TeachingFood science and
CA&ESAmy McLeanAssistant Professor of TeachingAnimal
CA&ESLee Allen Pettey Assistant Professor of TeachingAnimal
CA&ESKathryn TeixeiraAssistant Professor of TeachingAnimal
CA&ESMatthew WoodAssociate Professor of TeachingEnvironmental
CA&ESAnne IaccopucciAssistant Professor of TeachingHuman
CA&ESMarshall McMunnAssistant Professor of
CA&ES and CoEAli MoghimiAssistant Professor of TeachingBiological and Agricultural
CBSJonathan (Jon) BraggAssistant Professor of TeachingMicrobiology and Molecular
CBSNatalia CaporaleAssociate Professor of TeachingNeurobiology, Physiology, and
CBSSilvia Carrasco GarciaAssistant Professor of TeachingMolecular and Cellular
CBSMarina EllefsonAssociate Professor of TeachingMolecular and Cellular
CBSLaci GerhartAssociate Professor of TeachingEvolution and 
CBSSusan KeenProfessor of TeachingEvolution and
CBSJoel LedfordAssociate Professor of TeachingPlant
CBSMiriam MarkumAssociate Professor of TeachingMicrobiology and Molecular
CBSMona MonfaredAssociate Professor of TeachingMolecular and Cellular
CBSKenjiro (Kenji) QuidesAssistant Professor of TeachingMicrobiology and Molecular
CBSBrie TrippAssistant Professor of TeachingNeurobiology, Physiology, and
CBSTalitha van der MeulenAssistant Professor of TeachingNeurobiology, Physiology, and 
CoEColleen BronnerAssociate Professor of TeachingCivil and Environmental
CoEJennifer ChoiAssociate Professor of TeachingBiomedical
CoEKurt EiseltProfessor of TeachingComputer
CoESusan GentryAssociate Professor of TeachingMaterials Science &
CoEGlaucia Helena Carvalho do PradoAssistant Professor of TeachingChemical
CoEChristopher (Chris) NittaAssociate Professor of TeachingComputer
CoEJoël Porquet-LupineAssistant Professor of TeachingComputer
CoESetareh RafatiradAssociate Professor of TeachingComputer
CoEHooman RashtianAssociate Professor of TeachingElectrical and Computer
CoEAmir SaeidiAssistant Professor of TeachingMaterials Science &
CoEXianglong WangAssistant Professor of TeachingBiomedical
CoEJason WhiteAssociate Professor of TeachingChemical
EducationElizabeth MontañoAssociate Professor of
EducationTorry WinnAssociate Professor of
EducationNancy TsengAssociate Professor of
EducationClaudia Rodriguez-MojicaAssociate Professor of
EducationMatt WallaceAssociate Professor of
L&SDavid OslegerProfessor of TeachingEarth & Planetary
L&SNicolás DosmanAssistant Professor of
L&SWendy HoProfessor EmeritusAsian Amer
L&SEthan HollingerAssistant Professor of TeachingTheater and
L&SJulia ChamberlainAssociate Professor of
L&SVictoria CrossAssociate Professor of
L&SWhitney DuimAssistant Professor of
L&SOzcan GulacarProfessor of
L&SHeather J. HetherAssociate Professor of
L&SSam NicholsProfessor of
L&SJeanette RuizAssociate Professor of
L&SDerek StimelAssociate Professor of
L&SMark VerbitskyAssistant Professor of TeachingPolitical
L&SJanine WilsonAssociate Professor of
L&SLaura Vidal Chiesa University Writing