Teaching and Learning Complex Workshop Series

Teaching and Learning Complex Workshop Series

The Teaching and Learning Complex (TLC) Series is designed to support instructors who are, will be, or would like to be teaching with active learning strategies in the new building, which features flexible classrooms designed and equipped to enhance instructors’ ability to facilitate active learning and maximize student engagement. The five-workshop series discusses interactive teaching strategies, learning technologies, techniques for managing groups, and team-based and collaborative assessments. In addition, CEE will share several evidence-based, equity-focused, and practical resources, strategies, and tools instructors can immediately apply when teaching in a TLC classroom (as well as other flexible learning spaces on campus). 


Excerpts from past TLC Workshop Series participants: 

“Collaborating with other instructors and sharing/exchanging ideas. It was incredibly inspiring.” 

“Getting to interact in the space like a student and see how activities could be used.”

“Practical strategies for engaging students in the active learning classroom.”

"Examples, references to literature, exchange of experience with colleagues from different fields."

"(The most useful aspects were)...doing the activities themselves, as a way of learning the strategies, as well as hearing from fellow instructors."



Participate in all five workshops and participate in the TLC Canvas Community Site. Participants are also encouraged to seek a Mid-Quarter Inquiry (MQI) survey. MQI feedback will help inform plans to teach in the rooms or inform future teaching plans for those already teaching in the building. 


The Spring 2024 series is held weekly on Tuesdays from 3:10 - 4 PM, April 23 - May 21, 2024

Workshop Topics
  • Introduction to the Teaching and Learning Complex
    Tuesday, April 23 @  3:10 PM - 4 PM 
    This session is designed to orient instructors to the TLC, its features, and opportunities to engage students through active learning in the building’s flexible spaces. We will discuss an array of common challenges and introduce strategies to address them.
  • Leveraging Educational Technologies in Flexible Teaching Spaces
    Tuesday, April 30 @  3:10 PM - 4 PM 
    Join ATS instructional designers for a rapid primer on the technologies available in the TLC’s flexible classrooms to facilitate active, engaging learning activities. We will share recommended practices, demo different tools, and answer your questions about making the most of UC Davis’ newest teaching spaces.
  • Facilitating Student Interaction in the Active Learning Classroom
    Tuesday, May 7 @ 3:10 PM - 4 PM 
    In this session, participants will explore ways to leverage the TLC’s unique design features to maximize active learning and increase student engagement.  We will discuss the role of interaction in active learning, examine frameworks for structuring collaborative activity in the active learning classroom, and experience activities that both promote equitable learning and foster student engagement.
  • Managing Student Groups in the Active Learning Classroom
    Tuesday, May 14 @ 3:10 PM - 4 PM 
    In this session, participants will consider how group work can support their course learning objectives and explore strategies for facilitating group activities in ways that are equitable and productive. We will discuss strategies for assigning groups, fostering collaboration, and monitoring group dynamics.
  • Assessing Student Learning in the Active Learning Classroom
    Tuesday, May 21 @ 3:10 PM - 4 PM 
    In this session, participants will explore ways to effectively assess student learning in the TLC’s learning spaces. We will examine a variety of collaborative and equitable assessments that can support collaborative learning, as well as examples of formative and summative assessments that work well in active learning classrooms.


Participation in the TLC Series is open to UC Davis faculty, graduate student instructors and TAs. Faculty will receive priority if space becomes limited. 

Participation in the series is voluntary and not a requirement for teaching in the TLC. 

Each series will have up to 20 seats per quarter.


Dr. Patricia Turner (pturner@ucdavis.edu), CEE Education Specialist