SEISMIC Collaboration


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 The SEISMIC Collaboration is a collection of educators, researchers, students, student support staff, and more who work in higher education and have seen the persistent problem of inequity and non-inclusion in STEM education. 

We came together in early 2019 because we needed to improve student experiences in our introductory STEM courses. Building equitable and inclusive campuses must begin with admitting that our universities and fields need to change. Our collaboration represents members from 10 public research universities in the United States that educate over 350,000 students each year. 


Focusing on equity and inclusion as metrics of success, SEISMIC accelerates and enhances efforts to improve large foundational STEM courses across a collaboration of institutions enrolling more than 60,000 new students per year.


To propel higher education into the next generation of introductory STEM, SEISMIC will set a new national standard for assessing the quality of foundational STEM courses that promotes courses that are inclusive introductions to STEM disciplines and that embody equitable classroom practices.

UC Davis team

Image of UC Davis team members
  • Korana Burke, Faculty, Math
  • Julia Chamberlain, Faculty, Chemistry
  • Christine Diepenbrock*, Faculty, Plant Sciences
  • Debbie Fetter*, Faculty, Nutrition
  • Masoud Jasbi, Faculty, Linguistics
  • Kem Saichaie, Co-Facilitator
  • Harsha Senthilkumar*, Student, NPB
  • Aditya Seth, Student, Computer Science
  • Matt Steinwachs, co-Facilitator, co-IR
  • Jenna Thomas, co-IR

*not pictured


Kem Saichaie, Executive Director, 
To learn more about the SEISMIC collaboration, please visit the SEISMIC website.

This program is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Collaborative Research: Transforming Institutions Through STEM Equity Learning Communities – Award Numbers 2215398 and 2215689