Student Data

Student Data

Public Data

Budget & Institutional Analysis has a variety of data reports available.

The reports and visualizations available under Campus Metrics and Student Summary Reports show general information that can answer questions about the student population campus-wide or at a college level.

Data from the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is available under Student Surveys.

Restricted Data

The Student Information System (SIS) provides links to aggregate and student-level informational reports. Under the “Operational Reports” heading, you can find real-time student and enrollment information.
Under the “Institutional Data Reports” heading, you can find links to: 
SIS Decision Support which contains point-in-time (i.e., census, end of term) student trend reports. The most 

CEE’s Department Diagnostic Dashboard (DDD) provides charts that support curriculum planning, program assessment, course information, preparation and other information about the students in your department. If you are interested in accessing these charts, please contact us [link to consultations].

  • Learn more about the DDD
  • Department Diagnostic Dashboard(DDD) is a Tableau dashboard platform developed by CEE, which could provide you the data visualization about the curriculum planning, program assessment, course information, preparation and some other information about the students in your department.  In detail, DDD gives you the access to the information about graduation, major transfer & retention, GPA /courses grades gap, course grades distribution, preparatory courses enrollment and extra. 
    The Dashboard is currently under development with a plan to pilot in 2019. Until then, you can request a consultation with us to access similar information. 
    Here are some screenshots from development:



Individual-level student data

Access to individual-level data may be available to faculty and staff who have obtained FERPA and possibly IRB approval. 

If you require data with personally identifiable and non-public information about students (e.g. grades or demographics), FERPA training is required. Under FERPA, uses of identifiable student data may include test development/administration, student aid program administration, instructional improvement, or other established educational interest. If you are considering using student data in a publishable study, IRB approval is also required. FERPA information and FERPA training is available online. 

If your research is intended for publication or presentation outside UC Davis you may need IRB approval. This questionnaire can help you decide. Information on how to submit a project to the UC Davis IRB is also available.

Requesting data from Student Information Systems
Faculty and staff who meet FERPA guidelines for access to student data can request individual-level data directly.

Requesting data through CEE
If you would like assistance understanding or requesting student data for a project intended to improve undergraduate education at UC Davis, we may be able to help. Contact us here. Please note that we cannot provide data without Registrar approval, and data recipients must complete FERPA and CITI training.


CEE data support

Talk to us about how we can support your research with analysis, statistical advice, or access to data. Request a consultation here.