TA Orientation

2018 TA Orientation

2020-2021 TA Orientation - Save the Date

The campus wide TA Orientation for all new Teaching Assistants will be held on Monday, September 28, and Tuesday, September 29, 2020. All TAs who have not yet attended the UC Davis TA Orientation are required to do so by the University of California Office of the President and UC Davis Graduate Studies, even if they have taught previously. This orientation is different and in addition to your department orientation. The goal of this requirement is to help graduate students develop as instructors and effectively teach our undergraduates. 

TA Orientation is designed to help graduate students succeed in their role as TAs at UC Davis by introducing them to the principles and practices of effective teaching. In-person sessions emphasize practical teaching skills and strategies, and include topics such as establishing a positive classroom atmosphere on the first day, leading effective discussions, presenting information clearly, and grading efficiently. Pre-registration is required. 

Check back for registration information.