Ana Ruiz Alonso-Bartol

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TA Consultant

The Grove, 1342

Hi all! My name is Ana Ruiz Alonso-Bartol. I am a 4th-year PhD student in Spanish Linguistics, pursuing DEs in Second Language Acquisition and in  Writing, Rhetoric & Composition Studies. I have always been fascinated by foreign languages and cultures, so after graduating in Translation/Interpreting at Universidad de Salamanca (in Spain, where I am from), I came to the US to get my MA in Spanish with a minor in TESOL at West Virginia University.

Currently, as a graduate student and researcher I am interested in second language acquisition, pedagogy and curriculum development, especially regarding writing and online learning environments. I have been fortunate to teach at different levels and departments here at UC Davis (SPA 1Y, 3 & 111N, UWP 1) and beyond (Spanish and French at George Mason University and a Spanish Immersion school in Florida). 

I couldn’t be more excited to serve as a TAC to continue growing as an educator and to help TAs from other departments reflect about their teaching!

Other than teaching and (trying to advance on my) writing, I love listening to live music, dancing to it, and also crafting.