To promote and support effective learning for all UCD students.


Our primary goals are to enhance student learning, maximize instructional value, and improve retention rates and time to graduation for all students. To achieve our goals we innovate instructional solutions via research and development; build sustainable instructional capability; and promote cross-campus communities committed to teaching and learning, focusing on areas with greatest potential for student/instructor impact.

Top from left to right: Kara Moloney, Stephanie Pulford, Meryl Motika, Matt Steinwachs, Sattikk Ghosh, Marco Molinaro, Kem Saichaie, Bottom from left to right: Cecilia Gomez, Candice Boulware, Katie Martinez, Kavi Tan, Xinyi Hou, Not Pictured: Patricia Turner, Tiffany Johnson, Monica Esqueda, Barbara Mills