Ian Lim

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Position Title
TA Consultant

The Grove, 1342

My name is Ian Lim, and I am a 5th-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. My research focuses on theoretical quantum information, the fundamental physics underlying quantum phenomena, with connections to quantum computation and quantum error correction.

At UC Davis, I have been a TA for the Physics 7 and 9 series, the introductory physics sequences for biological science majors and engineers respectively. In these roles I have led discussions, labs, and discussion/lab sections, as well as taking on administrative/course design responsibilities as a lead TA for Physics 7A. More recently, I served as a co-instructor for Physics 371, a quarter-long TA training course for first-year graduate students in physics and astronomy.

My teaching is informed by my own research and perspective as a theoretical physicist as well as my understanding of cognitive science principles in the classroom and the literature on physics education more broadly. I believe students learn best when actively engaged in their learning, and this engagement is rooted in our course structure and design.

Outside of teaching and research, I also enjoy sewing, learning new musical instruments, and cooking.