Engaging Thoughtfully with Multilingual Students’ Writing

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Image: Brit Kelley and Kristen Schuster

In this interactive workshop, we will engage in hands-on activities to discuss strategies for mapping participants’ current practices onto effective forms of feedback on students’ writing. Since the development of open admissions in higher education in the United States, more and more students from a wide background, including, in particular, first-generation, low-income, as well as multilingual and international students have enrolled in U.S. universities. While these enrollments have expanded our campuses in multiple and positive ways, many teachers still are not always sure how to best respond to their multilingual and/or international students’ writing. In this webinar, Dr. Brit Kelley (U.C. Davis, University Writing Program) and Dr. Kristen Schuster (King’s College London, Department of Digital Humanities) will share what we have learned from a year-long research project engaging closely with the international and multilingual students at King’s College London and elsewhere in order to help faculty develop best practices for discussing and commenting on multilingual students’ academic literacy development. In this webinar, we will provide a general background for our research and findings, and then we will focus on providing hands-on activities for faculty to both discuss and develop new practices that they can implement immediately in their classrooms. We will provide additional resources to participants, and the session will be recorded.

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