Bryan Currinder

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Position Title
Lead TA Consultant

The Grove, 1342

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate Group in Ecology. My research investigates how mountain landscapes influence ecological diversity in lakes and streams.

I’ve emphasized teaching throughout my time at UC Davis, most recently as an Associate Instructor for an Intro to Ecology summer session course, as an Adjunct Faculty at American River College in Sacramento, and as a Teaching Assistant for a wide variety of courses. I’ve found that good teaching results from a combination of considerable preparation and thoughtful reflection, each applied across ever-shifting classroom and student contexts. This is the space in which teaching becomes both challenging in how one manages to adapt to different contexts, but also immensely rewarding in what one learns from students that bring a variety of backgrounds, identities, and perspectives into the classroom.

I strive for my teaching to be both inclusive for all students and to resemble the scientific process that I employ during my research, where new data — via both student feedback and continuous assessment of student learning — informs and updates my approach to future lessons and courses. My growth as a scientist has also been heavily influenced by my time spent in ecological field settings, so I try to incorporate authentic and experiential learning into courses for students whenever possible.

When I’m not teaching or science-ing, I like to do activities that have a high potential for (and a history of) injuring my joints: basketball, backpacking, climbing, and mountain biking to name a few.