Faculty Spotlight

When Dr. Bwalya Lungu, Department of Food Science and Technology, wanted to explore ways to learn more about the student learning experience in her large-enrollment classes, she turned to Undergraduate Education’s Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (LTA) for the use of mid-quarter inquiry surveys (MQIs). In this blog interview and post, we learn more about Dr. Lungu, her approach to teaching and learning, and her use of MQIs.

Know Your Students-New Charts Available!

Know Your Students is a suite of tools for instructors to be informed about the diversity in their classes and create equitable learning solutions. Know Your Students was a collaboration between the Educational Analytics team in Undergraduate Education, and instructors to address a need to have basic data about their students. Know Your Students allows instructors to see aggregate data regarding pre and post course outcomes, along with basic demographic data. 

GTC Graduate Teaching Community Reflections

Members of the Graduate Teaching Community reflected on the following prompt at the conclusion of the Spring 2022 quarter: How has participating in the Graduate Teaching Community (GTC) this quarter shaped your thinking about teaching?

Eli Moore, Applied Mathematics

This quarter in the GTC, we tackled three central topics: grading & assessment, student mental health, and equity & inclusion.

GTC Graduate Teaching Community Reflections


Members of the Graduate Teaching Community reflected on the following prompt at the conclusion of the Fall 2021 quarter:  How has reading and discussing Relationship-Rich Education by Peter Felten and Leo M. Lambert impacted your thinking about the role of relationships in the classroom?

Grad Student & Postdoc Needs Assessment Survey

We appreciate you taking the time to provide your valuable insight!

The UC Davis Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) is gathering information to help us determine how we can best support UC Davis graduate students and postdocs in their teaching. The information you provide will inform CEE’s efforts to provide programming that supports effective learning and teaching at UC Davis.

SEISMIC Overview

The SEISMIC Collaboration is a collection of educators, researchers, students, student support staff, and more who work in higher education and have seen the persistent problem of inequity and non-inclusion in STEM education. We use a Working Group structure to take advantage of the expertise across SEISMIC and to promote collaborative work in “themes,” rather than by discipline, institution, or title. In this way, our Working Groups are multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, have participants working in a range of roles at their institutions, and are motivated to study a specific area that will contribute to making our intro STEM courses more equitable and inclusive. For more check out:

SEISMIC Recent Events

“Black women and belongingness: An interrogation of STEM education as a white, patriarchal space”

November 19th, 2020 at 3 pm EDT

Speakers: Luis Leyva (top) & Nicole Joseph (bottom), Vanderbilt University

SEISMIC Upcoming Events

“An exploratory investigation of the experiences of Black immigrant women in undergraduate STEM”

December 1st, 2020 at 3 pm EDT 

Speakers: Meseret Hailu (top) & Brooke Coley (bottom), Arizona State University

End of Quarter Remote Learning Survey

We asked undergraduate students about their experiences with remote learning in Spring 2020. We are compiling a report to help instructors and support programs prepare for summer and fall. In the meantime, you can see students’ advice for other students here. Instructors can view some preliminary results at the Know Your Students website.