Hello, Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars

Whether you are new to teaching or preparing to transition into a teaching-related career path, the Center for Educational Effectiveness offers a variety of programs and resources to support you along the way. We invite you to browse CEE's programs and resources for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars below. 

TA Orientation
TA Orientation is designed to help graduate students succeed in their role as TAs at UC Davis by introducing them to the principles and practices of effective teaching. The orientation emphasizes practical teaching skills and strategies, and it includes topics such as establishing a positive classroom atmosphere on the first day, leading effective discussions, and grading equitably. 

CEE offers quarterly workshops to support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who want to enhance their teaching skills. Each session offers practical, evidence-based strategies that participants can apply in their classes right away.

Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss individual questions, concerns, or topics related to teaching and learning. Consultants serve as thought partners and can provide support in designing an assignment, soliciting student feedback, refining a statement of teaching philosophy or diversity statement, and more.

Graduate Teaching Community
Graduate Teaching Community provides a collaborative, informal space for graduate students to support each other, engage in discussion, and learn about teaching. During weekly meetings, participants have the opportunity to share their teaching practices and experiences, as well as lead and participate in discussions on a variety of teaching related topics.

Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) Program
The TAC Program is a year-long program that provides fellows with professional development and teaching and hands-on facilitation experiences. TACs support graduate student instructors by leading workshops, consultations, and sessions at the campus-wide TA orientation.

Seminar on College Teaching
The Seminar on College Teaching is an interactive course designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral scholars develop essential skills for effective instruction in college-level courses. The course provides core teaching skills based on foundational and emerging research-based practices on how students learn.

Self-Paced Modules:  Writing a Teaching Statement and Diversity Statement for the Academic Job Market
Most academic job applications require a teaching statement (also called a Statement of Teaching Philosophy), and many also require a diversity statement. To support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are preparing for the academic job market, CEE offers self-paced modules which provide an overview of what a teaching statement and diversity statement entail, strategies that candidates can use to write compelling statements, and criteria that can be used to assess these documents.