Know Your Students-New Charts Available!

Know Your Students is a suite of tools for instructors to be informed about the diversity in their classes and create equitable learning solutions. Know Your Students was a collaboration between the Educational Analytics team in Undergraduate Education, and instructors to address a need to have basic data about their students. Know Your Students allows instructors to see aggregate data regarding pre and post course outcomes, along with basic demographic data. 

Recently, a faculty member worked with the Educational Analytics team from Undergraduate Education to request data that would allow them to select the best office hours for their students. The Educational Analytics team worked to create a new chart on the Know Your Students Dashboard. The student course chart shows the aggregate course schedule of students during the week. Course schedule data can now be reviewed to provide insight and support instructors in planning their office hours and review sessions.

Know Your Students Chart

Please Note:

There may be other commitments students have that are not reflected in the charts such as work or family obligations.

To view data on Know Your Students, instructors must complete a short course on Canvas. Instructors may also administer surveys, and reflect on their lectures, using transcripts from Zoom and Aggie Video.

If you are interested in learning more about Know Your Students visit the poster presentation at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference on December 2, 2022. You may also reach out Matt Steinwachs, Lead Programmer for Education Analytics, for questions or consultation on Know Your Students at