Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Scholarship of teaching and learning is practice-based research toward improvement in teaching and student learning. To conduct SoTL research is to pursue and share new knowledge about the practice of teaching and our effect on student learning. In general, SoTL includes gathering and analyzing evidence as a mean to make discoveries, inform designs, and evaluate outcomes; it also involves sharing our discoveries with the community. 

While SoTL work is frequently is based in the techniques of social science and education research, as a field it is inherently cross-disciplinary and open to influence and inspiration from all disciplines and all epistemologies. UC Davis’ growing discourse community of scholarly educators welcomes a breadth of approaches to SoTL in support of course innovation and student success.  

CEE facilitates a number of events to help support the growing discourse community of SoTL researchers at UC Davis.

SoTL Conference

The SoTL Conference is a yearly conference to share UC Davis research and discovery in support of improving UC Davis teaching and learning. Please see the conference website for more details. 

SoTL Journal Club

Join interested colleagues in a supportive environment to discuss SOTL literature. All levels of expertise welcome; interest is the only prerequisite. Please see the Journal Club website for more details and for upcoming papers and topics. 

SoTL Community Visibility and Support

If you have an event or initiative that supports UC Davis’ SoTL community or is generally of interest to scholarly educators at UC Davis, please email CEE. We’d be happy to help make your initiative visible to others in the SoTL community.