Test Design and Analysis

How effective is your test?  CEE offers tips for test development, test preparation, and test administration. Test grading is offered by appointment as well as the opportunity to analyze the test and interpret test results.


Test Scoring Center

Using scantrons for exams, quizzes and homework is a huge time saver and can save your department money. We offer two test scoring options; choose the one that works best for you:

By Appointment: Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills is available by appointment ONLY to help you with the scoring process, and with developing and formatting questions. Get help with creating questions, processing multiple exams, analyzing the results, and obtaining an Excel spreadsheet with results for importing in to Smartsite. During final exam weeks, morning and evening appointments are also available. The UC Davis test scoring sheet is changing color from blue to red. They will both be graded in the same manner. Please use a pencil to complete the form.

Stand-alone machine: You can use the stand alone test scoring machine to mark incorrect answers, but it will not generate an Excel spreadsheet for import into Smartsite. 

Call ahead to make sure that the office is openIf you come to use the stand alone test scoring machine and the door is locked, go to 1342 The Grove and ask a student assistant at front desk to give you access to the stand alone test scoring machine. Remember to sign in when using the machine.

Many common questions are answered in the FAQs. However, to learn more or to get tips on how to make Scantrons work harder for you, contact Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills (bjmills@ucdavis.edu).

Is there any special preparation with the Scantrons?

Scantron marked-up

Yes. Be sure to do the following:

  • Remove Scantrons from test booklets. Stack them with the cut corners aligned at bottom left. Keep them organized. A shoebox is a good solution.
  • Confirm students have bubbled in their student ID number and the test version (A, B, C, D). If there is only one version, they must bubble in “A”.
  • DO NOT staple Scantrons.
How do I make an appointment?

Send appointment requests via email 1-2 business days in advance to testscore@ucdavis.edu. Specify the day/time you desire and the total number of Scantrons you need to score. You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

What type of Scantron sheet is needed and where can I get them?
Scantron form

Use only the UCD SCANTRON FORM 2000, available at the Campus Bookstore, the Silo Bookstore, and the vending machine in Olson Hall.

What should I bring to a scoring session?


  • The exams/evaluations
  • The exam key (a Scantron with the correct answers bubbled in)


  • A student roster with ID numbers as Scantrons missing IDs cannot be graded
  • An assistant if you have a high volume of Scantrons
How long does a scoring session take?

If you arrive properly prepared, you can score 350 Scantrons in under 30-minutes.

Why is the UCD Scantron 2000 form the standard?
  • It works well with all stand-alone scoring machines,
  • Has spaces for 100 questions with 5 answer choices,
  • Allows up to 4 version numbers,
  • Accommodates a 9-digit student ID number,
  • Accommodates subjective scores up to 999,
  • Has flexibility in scoring (e.g., weighting answers and penalty points), and
  • Allows for complete computer analysis of exam questions (you may test your exam to see how it performs).