Student Evaluations

Student Evaluation Forms

CEE offers instructors student evaluation feedback through scoring of Scantron forms. Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills is available to help you with design of your evaluation forms and with formulating questions. Forms are processed quickly with scoring summaries provided back to you in PDF format via email.

Follow the steps below to begin the student evaluation process. Many common questions are answered in the FAQs. However, for additional assistance, please contact Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills (

Steps for Evaluations

Step 1: Create an ISN form for an instructor

ISN forms tell the computer when one instructor evaluation set is over and a new instructor set begins. With a pencil, fill in the following bubbles on a Scantron F-158 form (see example):

Example: ISN Form
  1. Locate at the top of the form a ten column by ten row section populated with digits from 0 to 9. With a pencil, bubble in #2 and #3.
  2. Leave the second row of digits blank.
  3. Fill in the third row with the first digit of the instructor’s ISN number. Mark as ‘0’ if the instructor’s serial number is less than 10. NOTE: The ISN is assigned to every class taught by the instructor. The number sequence begins at 01 and goes to the total number of classes in the evaluation pool. The example at right shows an ISN of 01.
  4. In the fourth digital space, fill in the second digit of the instructor’s ISN number.

Repeat the steps for each instructor. Mark the ISN forms with a highlighter or dark pen along the top to help distinguish them from student evaluation forms.

NOTE: Each class has a unique ISN. These numbers must be sequential, with no breaks or gaps, running from 1 to the total number of classes evaluated.

Step 2: Create the instructor list

Instructor Evaluation Scantron

This is the master list of all instructors who are evaluated. Using Excel, Word, or WordPerfect, create a table (or download the Instruction Evaluation Master List template (XLS)) with the following information for EACH class:

  • Quarter – you can include multiple quarters
  • Year –you can include evaluations from multiple years
  • ISN – the number you just assigned to each class
  • Instructor – the instructor’s name as you wish it to appear on the evaluation form
  • Role – Faculty, Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Professor, etc.
  • Class – INCLUDE the three-letter department identification as well as the class number
  • Section – if appropriate
  • Form Dept – your three letter department code (eg MAT) NOTE: This code, when paired with the Form ID, creates the questionnaire identification code, essential for all communications to correctly identify specific questionnaires.
  • Form ID – ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’. NOTE: This is essential as it helps identify which questionnaire is used. If your department only uses one form, then use Form ID ‘A’. The file code would be your three letter Form Dept code and Form ID (e.g. MAT A).
  • Enrollment – this allows calculation of the percent of class responding

If your department requires more than three (3) sets of questions please contact the Evaluation Speciatist Barbara Mills (

Step 3: Administering the test

It is essential that students fill out the name of the instructor and the class on the evaluation form. Students must use pencils. Collect all forms. Align them so that they all face the same way.

Step 4: Final preparation and delivering forms to CEE

Scantron F-158Now that all ISN’s are assigned to instructors and the master list is complete, you need to prepare the questionnaire forms and the ISN forms:

  1. Place the ISN Scantron F-158 on top of that instructor’s evaluation forms. Make sure that the black marks along the left edge line up, even if the evaluation forms are F-599’s.
  2. Stack the forms by ISN numbers, low to high. The top of the stack will be ISN Form #01 and instructor #1, followed by ISN Form #02 and instructor #2, etc. NOTE: Forms should be in one continuous stack without rubber bands, paper clips, etc.
  3. Place a printed copy of the master list on top and email the file to
  4. Put the stack of forms and master list in a box or like container and deliver them to CEE, at 1350 Surge III. Or send them through campus mail.


What do I need in order to perform student evaluations?
  • One Scantron F-158 for each class/section you wish to evaluate. This is the ISN form, specific to each instructor who is evaluated.
  • A copy of each different questionnaire used to evaluate instructors. These are the question masters.
  • Enough Scantron sheets for the classes/sections.
  • A container large enough to hold all the evaluation forms for a specific instructor, or separated in to groups using the ISN form as a divider. You’ll need to make sure that all the forms are oriented the same.
We don’t know which form is ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’. What do we do?

Please contact Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills ( We have your questionnaires on file and can quickly get you the answer. 

What is an ISN number?

ISNs identify each class where an evaluation is to occur. If an instructor teaches five classes, then all five must have a unique ISN. They run from 01 to however many total classes are in the evaluation pool.

What is a Form ID?

Form IDs help departments/instructors communicate efficiently with the CEE team. It is a unique identifier that specifies which questionnaire is used. The Form ID consists of two parts, the FORM DEPT (e.g. MAT, ENG) and the Form ID (A, B, C).

Who do I contact for help with setting up forms, questions, or assistance?

Please contact our Evaluation Specialist Barbara Mills (