Creating a safe and supportive classroom experience for students requires intentional effort. Even with the best intentions, difficult conversations may arise so managing these moments in a civil, scholarly, and supportive manner is essential to ensure the discourse remains constructive and that students feel supported in their efforts to learn. CEE has two resources designed to help instructors integrate these strategies into their practice:

Image of CEE Strategies for Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environment PDF

Strategies for Creating a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment resource has techniques to help instructors model civil attitudes and behaviors, set classroom expectations, and facilitate classroom interactions.

Image of CEE Strategies for Managing Difficult Discussions PDF

Strategies for Managing Difficult Conversations resource has practices for instructors to consider before discussions, managing in the moment, and after discussions occur.

TA Guide

The TA’s Guide to Effective Teaching at UC Davis

The TA’s Guide to Effective Teaching at UC Davis includes UC Davis specific information and resources about effective learning and teaching. It is designed to be useful to new and experienced instructors in any discipline. The online version of the TA Guide is an interactive, accessible pdf that links to supplementary online resources.

Download The TA’s Guide to Effective Teaching at UC Davis.