For Graduate Students and Postdocs


The Seminar on College Teaching (EDU 398) is taught several times a year, and is open to graduate students and postdocs. Graduate students can earn two units of credit. Postdocs can also participate and complete all seminar requirements without registering for credit. All participants who complete all course requirements will earn a certificate of completion that can be included in your teaching portfolio and curriculum vitae. Flyer for the winter 2018 Seminar on College Teaching course can be found here.

If you plan to teach undergraduates in your career, this course provides you with the core skills you will need, using carefully selected readings and activities, and thought provoking discussions. Topics include:

  • Examining how students learn,
  • Developing course objectives,
  • Designing teaching strategies to meet those objectives,
  • Creating meaningful forms of testing and assessment,
  • Establishing a productive learning environment,
  • Using tools and techniques to improve communication,
  • Integrating technology to enhance student learning,
  • Considering ethical issues in teaching and learning, and
  • Developing ways to promote life-long learning and self-improvement in teaching.


The Seminar on College Teaching will be offered during the Winter 2018 quarter, and has limited availability. 

2018 Winter Instructor: Kem Saichaie, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Educational Effectiveness

word cloud

This word cloud represents ideas from the final reflections of graduate students enrolled in the Seminar on College Teaching in Fall 2015.