Workshops - Graduate Students

2018 Spring Graduate Student Workshops

The Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs) offer certificate-bearing workshop series in the Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions. In addition, the TACs offer stand-alone workshops in the Spring and at the TA Orientation in September. Workshop topics include teaching with technology, student-centered learning, promoting inclusive learning environments, and many more.

Supporting Student Learning Outside the Classroom

This workshop is designed to help you enhance the teaching and learning that takes place outside of the classroom, such as during office hours, over email, and on Canvas. In a classroom setting, we're often interacting with up to 50 students in a formal environment, but the personal interactions we have with students outside the classroom may require us to think differently about our pedagogy. We will discuss how to make the most of these opportunities to promote students’ learning and improve our own productivity as a TA or AI.

Thursday, April 19th from 2:00 - 4:00pm
Student Community Center - Meeting Room D

What’s in a Grade?: Addressing the complexities of assigning value to learning

What’s in a grade? That which we assign value by any other method would elicit such contempt. In this workshop participants will learn about the history of grades, the benefits and limitations of assigning grades, and how grades are used to promote or skirt academic integrity. Participants will reckon with complex issues like fairness, how students choose to allocate their time, and the myriad competing incentives grades create for students and instructors.

Monday, May 7th from 2:00 - 4:00pm
Student Community Center - Meeting Room D

Developing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for Academic Job Applications

Why do you teach? How do you teach? How do you measure your effectiveness? Most academic job applications require a Statement of Teaching Philosophy (SoTP) as a means to address these questions. Developing an SoTP can help you clarify your goals as an instructor and reflect on how you teach. Whether you have no idea what your teaching philosophy is or have a rough draft of a statement you want to revise, this workshop will provide you with some resources to develop a compelling statement that will make you a more competitive job applicant.

Monday, May 14th from 2:00 - 4:00pm
1360 The Grove