Workshops - Graduate Students

The Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs) offer certificate-bearing workshop series in the Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions. In addition, the TACs offer stand-alone workshops in the Spring and at the TA Orientation in September. Workshop topics include teaching with technology, student-centered learning, promoting inclusive learning environments, and many more.

Spring 2017 Workshops

Graduate and postdoctoral students from all disciplines are invited to attend engaging and informative workshops about teaching in higher education. Participants will learn research-based instructional strategies, connect with other graduate instructors, and leave with new ideas to enhance learning for all of our students.

Confronting Implicit Bias: Managing Microaggressions in the Classroom

Despite our best efforts, bias can and does occur in the classroom, often in the form of a microaggression. Microaggressions are commonplace unintentional and automatic slights that can establish a negative or hostile learning environment. This workshop is designed to help participants learn how to recognize and respond to micrograggressions in the classroom. We will also discuss inclusive classroom strategies to help participants avoid microaggressions and create a respectful and culturally competent classroom environment.

Thursday, May 11th from 10:00-11:50am
Room 1353, The Grove

~Session is Full~

Promoting Academic Integrity: Managing and Responding to Cheating and Other Forms of Misconduct

While all educators must at times confront academic dishonesty in their students, many wonder how to approach these scenarios as "teachable moments" rather than responding with solely punitive measures. This workshop is designed to help you as TAs learn about UC Davis policies regarding academic integrity, get a sense of common situations of academic disintegrity that you may encounter, and ethically and creatively respond to such situations in ways that promote academic integrity and support undergraduate education.

Monday, May 22nd from 1:10-3:00pm
Room 1360, The Grove