Communities - Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Communities - Graduate Students

Learning communities promote engaged conversations about student learning and instructional success while allowing participants to exchange ideas and explore strategies in an open and supportive environment.

Graduate Teaching Community (GTC)

Graduate Teaching Community is an interdisciplinary collaborative group where graduate students and postdocs explore teaching practices. Together with peers, you tackle relevant teaching and learning issues in a supportive environment, freely discussing your ideas about teaching and developing your own personal teaching style.

Our weekly meetings are on Tuesdays from 12:10-1:00 pm in The Grove (Surge III), Room 1352.  This quarter’s topics include:

January 17th: Welcome, Introductions, and Planning
January 24th:  Strategies for Teaching Students to Incorporate Sources Into their Writing
January 31st:  Alternatives (to Quizzes) in Assessing Student Learning
February 7th: Addressing Controversial Topics in the Classroom
February 14th:  Writing Effective Test Questions
February 21st: Open Discussion
February 28th: Crafting Teaching Philosophies and Portfolios
March 7th:  Developing Learning Outcomes
March 14th:  End-of-quarter Luncheon and Certificates

You can find session recaps, contact information, and more on the program at GTC Blog.

Certificate: You must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Declare intent to obtain the certificate by second session
  2. Attend a specified number of sessions (varies by quarter)
  3. Work with a group to facilitate one of the sessions
  4. Post notes/information from the session to GTC Blog
Teaching Assistant Consultants (TACs)

Teaching Assistant Consultants provide consultation and workshops to campus Teaching Assistants (TAs), Associate Instructors (AIs) and postdocs to support instruction and promote student learning at UC Davis.