Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Position Title
TAC Coordinator

The Grove, 1342

My name is Sarah Silverman, and I am a forth year PhD student in the Department of Entomology. I study insect demography and aging, and I am very interested in how the process of aging works in the wild. I am also interested in the maximum lifespan for insects in the wild (for some flies, it may be several hundred days!). One thing I would like people to know about entomologists is: we don’t necessarily know how to get rid of the ants in your house!

Here at UC Davis, I have TAed Longevity (a demography course) and Terrorism and War (an online course offered through the department of Science and Society). Through teaching these large classes I have had the privilege of meeting and teaching a wide variety of motivated students, and they have inspired me to ask, “How can we make classrooms student-centered, even in very large classes.” My own teaching interests include hybrid and online instruction in the sciences, teaching science and math topics to no non-science majors, and creating a student-centered environment in the lecture hall. I am also always working to be an effective educator outside the classroom as well (in office hours, in written and verbal feedback to students, and over email).

This is my second year in the TAC program, and I am excited to grow as a workshop facilitator, a peer consultant, and as an instructor more broadly. I am especially looking forward to welcoming another cohort of new TAs at TA orientation this fall. I feel so privileged to facilitate one of the first program that many new graduate students attend at UC Davis!

Some things I love to do are: wake up early and drink coffee with my cat, listen to audiobooks while walking, and go on road trips with my partner.