Meryl Motika, Ph.D.

Meryl Motika

Position Title
Interim Associate Director for Educational Analytics and Assessment

The Grove, 1337

Meryl Motika is the Lead Analyst in the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). Her background includes a Ph.D. in Economics from UC, Irvine and B.A. in Public Policy Analysis from Pomona College as well as experience teaching at St. Lawrence University and conducting research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank and the National Economic Development and Law Center (now Insight CCED) in Oakland, California. At CEE, she leads the data analysis team in measuring the effects of new teaching practices, programs such as advising and TA orientation, and other aspects of the academic experience at UC Davis. She also develops statistical models of student success and course impact to identify ways faculty and others can improve student outcomes.

Dr. Motika’s academic research explores why students (and people in general) struggle to manage time and money effectively, the effects of pressure, and more generally why we make decisions that seem objectively odd. As a behavioral and experimental economicst, she can sometimes be found at conferences of the Economic Science Association and the American Economics Association.