Pathway Courses Innovation Program

Pathway Courses Innovation Program

Pathway Courses Innovation Program

The Pathway Courses Innovation (PCI) program is a five-year effort to improve access, flexibility, and equitable outcomes for key ‘Pathway’ undergraduate courses. Pathway courses present disproportionate student outcomes (e.g. retention, GPA, major completion) and are identified as gateways to student success.

The PCI program focuses on redesigning Pathway courses to integrate equitable and inclusive pedagogies, with a secondary focus on transforming courses for hybrid and/or online settings. 

Course candidates for PCI share a variety of features:

  • They are gateway courses to the major
  • They enroll large numbers of students every quarter, every year
  • They serve diverse students
  • They present disproportionate student learning outcomes, in terms of retention, timely completion, GPA, or other factors
  • They can be redesigned and offered as online or hybrid course

What are the goals for Pathway courses? 

  1. Evidence-based, course redesign that supports the learning needs of all UC Davis students.
  2. A new standard for teaching excellence, with the goal of designing, implementing, and evaluating pedagogical approaches that improve access, flexibility, and equitable learning outcomes for all students.
  3. Streamlined online and hybrid course design and delivery.

The PCI program is in direct alignment with the UCD Boldly Go strategic plan and supports the UC-Wide 2030 plan for improvement in 4-year graduation outcomes and gap reduction.