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Introducing FacultyConnect

Looking for a place to connect with colleagues and discuss teaching in the age of Zoom? Join CEE for FacultyConnect: a new series of informal and lively conversations about evidence-based practices in online and remote teaching. Conversations will revolve around a specific online/remote teaching topic each week, giving you the chance to reflect on your course and share your experiences with teaching this quarter. Each session a faculty guest will share their strategies and experiences with the topic as well (guest list is below). Meetings will be facilitated by a CEE specialist and are designed for remote teaching topics.

Meeting Schedule and Recordings



Discussion Article and Topic




April 16

Tips for a smoother remote teaching experience  
Page 6 of A Resource Guide for Transitioning Your Class Online

Jeanette Ruiz (CMN)

Cecilia Gomez (CEE)


April 23

Time-saving Tips for Teaching Large Online Classes

Page 12 of Online Course Design: 11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Course

Debbie Fetter (NUT)

Patricia Turner (CEE)


April 30

What do Students Really Want from Online Instructors

Page 12 of A Resource Guide for Transitioning Your Class Online

Patrick Brown (PLS)

Cecilia Gomez (CEE)


May 7

Five Ways to Foster Creativity in your Online Classroom

Page 8 of A Resource Guide for Transitioning Your Class Online

Claudia Sánchez Gutiérrez

Cecilia Gomez (CEE)


May 14

Identifying and Supporting Struggling Students in Online Courses 

Joe Anistranski (HDE)

Patricia Turner (CEE)

Recording May 21

Frequent, Low-Stakes Grading: Assessment for Communication and Confidence

Mark Verbitsky (POL)

Patricia Turner (CEE)