Online Proctored Exams at UC Davis

UC Davis instructors teaching online courses will be able to offer students proctored online exams, beginning with selected courses Fall 2017. Larger campus implementation is planned for Winter 2018.

The campus has reached an agreement with ProctorU, which is used by all other UC undergraduate campuses, to provide online proctoring for students taking midterm and final exams in online courses at UC Davis. 

After the pilot phase this quarter, ProctorU will have informational and training sessions available to faculty on campus. 

Online Proctoring Background

In 2016, the Provost charged a small working group which included representatives from Undergraduate Education, Budget and Institutional Analysis, Academic Technology Services, the Center for Educational Effectiveness, IET Security, UC Davis Extension, and Committee on Courses of Instruction, to conduct a review of existing online proctoring services. This group looked at proctoring services in use at other universities across the country to determine if they meet requirements unique to UC Davis students and faculty.

In April of 2017, Academic Senate removed the restriction that prohibited online testing. As a result of the working team’s findings and the revision to Regulation 538, UC Davis will be able to offer proctored online exams for some online courses beginning in Fall 2017.


ProctorU is the online proctored service at all of the UC undergraduate campuses and UCOP. You can learn more about Proctor U at