Video Recordings

Using a video recording can help you analyze your teaching and reflect on your students’ learning experience. An experienced CEE consultant unobtrusively records part of your class then works with you in a follow-up session to analyze your teaching practices. For example, analysis of video recording can provide insights into how you communicate with students, use space on the board and in the classroom, help students engage with material, and explain course content. The consultant will help you deconstruct the video as data into effective teaching, rather than viewing it as a performance, making the video recording process much less intimidating, and more useful, for instructors.

What happens after I schedule a video recording?

A teaching consultant will contact you to schedule your video recording and follow-up consultation, and to find out if there is anything in particular you are hoping to learn from the video. Video recordings are currently only available to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, and are conducted by the TA Consultants.

What happens during the video recording?

A teaching consultant will set up a camera near the back of your classroom to record approximately 20 minutes of your class session. When done, they will quietly pack up the camera and leave the room. To put your students at ease, we advise that you explain to your class that the camera is there to record you, not them.

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

Instructors and CEE consultants will meet to review and discuss the video typically 3-5 days after the recording in class.  The consultant will help you interpret the “data” on your video, and together you will discuss new techniques and strategies you may want to use in the classroom going forward.

Can you record me teaching and give me the video file?

The consultant will be able to share the video file with you at the end of the follow-up meeting if you bring a portable drive. However, we do not provide recording only services, and will only record teaching sessions for individuals who we meet with for a follow-up consultation.