Presentation Skills

Presentation skills consultations provide you with tools and feedback to improve the organization and delivery of your presentations. A TA Consultant will observe you presenting in class or in a practice session and then meet to discuss the presentation. This can ensure clarity and organization of ideas, enhance audience understanding, reduce anxiety about giving presentations, and promote student participation. Presentation skills consultations can help you enhance your in-class presentations, conference presentations, job talks, or other presentations.

What happens after I schedule a presentation consultation?

A teaching consultant will contact you to schedule your presentation and to find out if there is anything in particular you are hoping to learn. Presentation skills consultations are currently only available to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, and are conducted by the TA Consultants.

What happens during the presentation consultation?

Presentation consultations are available for in-class presentations or practice presentations.  Presentations are typically recorded so that you and the teaching consultant can review the recording together, although recording is not required. You will be able to let the consultant know your preference when they contact you for scheduling or indicate it in the consultation request form.

If the presentation is occurring in a class, a teaching consultant will set up near the back of your classroom to observe and/or video record 10-20 minutes of your class session. When done, they will quietly pack up and leave the room. To put your students at ease, we advise that you explain to your class that the camera is there to record you, not them. If the presentation is in a practice session, you and the consultant will meet for you to give the presentation and then discuss strategies for improvement. During the presentation or class, the TA Consultant will take notes about what presentation tactics enhance or detract from your presentation.

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

You and the TA Consultant will watch the presentation video together and/or review their observation notes to identify elements that enhance or detract from your presentation. The TA Consultant will be able to provide an audience perspective on your presentation and to offer advice about ways to improve your presentation. While we strongly encourage being video recorded to get the most out of this consultation, if you would prefer to not be video recorded please indicate that in the form when you request a consultation.

Can you record me presenting and give me the video file?

The consultant will be able to share the video file with you at the end of the follow-up meeting if you bring a portable drive. However, we do not provide recording only services, and will only record teaching sessions for individuals who we meet with for a follow-up consultation.