Mid-Quarter Inquiry (MQI)

Mid-Quarter Inquiries (MQIs) provide you with formative feedback that you can use to modify a course you are currently teaching. MQIs are available to full- and part-time faculty, Teaching Assistants, graduate student Associate Instructors (AIs) and Postdoctoral Scholars.

MQIs for faculty are conducted by CEE Specialists. After you have scheduled your MQI, a CEE Specialist will visit your classroom to gather anonymous feedback from your students during a class session. In a follow-up meeting, you and the CEE Specialist will review and discuss the student responses to identify teaching practices that both support and limit your students’ ability to learn. Instructors commonly find that MQIs can help enhance teaching methods, promote greater student engagement, and improve instructor-student rapport.

MQIs for Teaching Assistants, graduate student Associate Instructors, and Postdoctoral Scholars are conducted by the TAC Fellows and follow the same process described above.
Please note: As of Fall 2018, CEE has moved to an electronic MQI process as part of our effort to enhance our ability to provide access to this formative feedback process to a growing number of instructors. Please note the following changes to CEE’s MQI process:

  • MQIs are limited to one per instructor per academic year.
  • MQIs are now electronic. In the electronic MQI, students provide feedback in the classroom via their electronic devices. Instructors who request an MQI should permit students to use web-enabled devices during the in-class portion of the MQI process. A CEE Specialist will analyze your students’ responses and provide you with a report in a follow-up consultation.
  • CEE uses a sampling approach for responses to open-ended questions in classes of over 74 students.

When should I schedule an MQI?

To ensure that a CEE Specialist can attend your desired class session, you may wish to reserve your MQI near the beginning of the term or one to two terms in advance. Scheduling the MQI to take place during weeks 3 through 6 of the quarter is recommended to allow you to make any desired changes to your course before the end of the academic term. After you submit your request through the CEE website, a CEE Specialist will contact you to schedule the MQI and the MQI follow-up consultation.

What happens during the MQI?

MQIs take between 15 to 20 minutes of class time, depending on class size. Most MQIs are done at the beginning of class, although it is possible to schedule your MQI at the end of class, if necessary. With the instructor and TAs out of the room, the CEE Specialist typically asks students to respond to three prompts:

  • My learning in this class is enhanced by:
  • My learning in this class is limited by:
  • Is there anything your instructor could do to increase your ability or motivation to learn in this class?

The CEE Specialist will synthesize the student feedback and share it with you during the follow-up consultation.

Which types of classes are eligible for MQIs?

Faculty and Instructors of Record: At this time, MQIs are available for the main lecture portion of the class only. We do not currently provide MQIs for discussion sections, labs, and studios for faculty and instructors of record.

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars: MQIs may be administered to sections, labs, and studios to obtain feedback for graduate student TAs and Postdoctoral Scholars who are responsible for the teaching in these settings.

What is the timeline for MQIs?

Due to increasing demand for MQIs, we have updated our timeline for responses.

  • Classes with < 100 students: Up to 5-7 business days
  • Classes with between 100 and 250 students: Up to 7-10 business days
  • Classes with > 250 students: Up to 10-14 business days

CEE will make all efforts to complete the analyses in a timely manner.

Should you wish to do your own MQI, here is a sample MQI Form used during the in-class visit. Feel free to administer these questions to your students yourself and request a general consultation with a CEE Specialist to discuss the results. Note: Instructors who elect to offer their own version of the MQI should supply results to the CEE Specialist they will meet with prior to the consultation, if possible.

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

During the MQI follow-up consultation, the CEE Specialist will help you understand the feedback collected from your students and assist you in prioritizing any changes you would like to implement. Topics range from general suggestions about how to increase student engagement to more targeted suggestions about how to incorporate specific, evidence-based teaching practices into your teaching. The CEE Specialist will also provide the instructor with a summary of student feedback and all student comments in digital or hard-copy format. Instructors can use the comments to guide decisions about the course and their teaching both in the near and long term. Noting the consultation and describing your student feedback can also be a useful item to include in your teaching portfolio or professional dossier.