Mid-Quarter Inquiry (MQI)

Mid-Quarter Inquiries (MQIs) provide you with formative student feedback that you can use to modify a course you are currently teaching. One of CEE’s experienced consultants will gather anonymous feedback from your students during a class session. In a follow up meeting, you and the consultant will review and discuss the student responses to identify teaching practices that help and hinder your students’ learning. Instructors commonly find that MQIs can help enhance teaching methods, promote greater student participation, and improve instructor-student rapport.

When should I schedule an MQI?

Schedule your MQI near the beginning of the term to ensure a consultant can attend your desired class session. Having the MQI in the fourth or fifth week of the quarter is ideal to allow you to make any desired changes to your course. After you submit your request, a consultant will contact you to schedule your MQI and follow-up consultation.

What happens during the MQI?

MQIs take between 15- 20 minutes of class time (depending on class size). Most MQIs are done at the beginning of class, although we can come to the end of class if necessary. With the instructor (and TAs) out of the room, the consultant typically asks the students to respond to three prompts:

  • My learning in this class is enhanced by:
  • My learning in this class is hindered by:
  • Is there anything your instructor could do to increase your ability or motivation to learn in this class?

Here is a sample MQI Form used during the in-class vist

Although these questions will meet the needs of most instructors, they may be customized to meet your individual goals and needs. For example, you may want feedback specifically on how students are using the videos or on how discussion sections could be more effective.

The consultant will synthesize the student feedback and share it with you in the follow-up consultation. Consultations for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are conducted by the TA Consultants, and consultations for faculty are conducted by CEE specialists.

Due to increasing demand for MQIs, we have updated our time line for responses. Classes are inclusive of discussion sections, labs, and studios. Please plan accordingly.

  • Classes that are < 100 students: up to 5-7 business days
  • Classes that are between 100 and 250: up to 7-10 business days
  • Classes that are > 250 students: up to 10-14 business days

We will make all efforts to complete the analyses in a timely manner and schedule a MQI debrief consultation.

What happens during the follow-up consultation?

During the meeting, the consultant will help you understand the feedback collected from your students and prioritize any changes you would like to implement. Topics range from more general suggestions about how to incorporate research-based teaching to targeted interventions for specific needs.

The consultant will also provide the instructor with a summary of student feedback and all student comments in digital or hard-copy format. Instructors can use the comments to guide decisions about the course and their teaching both in the near and long term. Noting the consultation and describing student feedback can also be useful to include in your teaching portfolio or professional dossier.

When will the follow up occur?

Instructors and CEE consultants will meet to discuss the results of the MQI typically 5-7 days after the MQI is conducted in class. It is important to prioritize the follow-up meeting so that instructors can begin to incorporate student feedback.