Classroom Observation

Classroom observations can help you see your classroom from a new perspective and give you ideas about how to enhance learning for your students. A CEE Specialist will observe your teaching and collect observational data about aspects of your teaching that will be most useful in helping you to increase your teaching effectiveness. Common aspects include the use of classroom activities, the use of time and space, and methods for facilitating learning for all students. In a follow-up consultation, you and the CEE Specialist will discuss new techniques and strategies you may want to use in the classroom going forward, framed within the unique context of your teaching. Observations for faculty are conducted by CEE Specialists, and observations for graduate students and Postdoctoral Scholars are conducted by the TAC Fellows.


When should I schedule a classroom observation?

Schedule your classroom observation near the beginning of the term to ensure that a CEE Specialist can attend your preferred class session. After you submit your request, a CEE Specialist will contact you to schedule a pre-classroom observation meeting and will then schedule your classroom observation and follow-up consultation dates.

What happens during the observation?

A CEE Specialist with expertise in teaching will observe your class session for 20 to 30 minutes. The CEE Specialist will gather data about your teaching and can pay particular attention to aspects of teaching effectiveness that you are interested in receiving feedback on, for example, the types of activities students are most engaged in, and the distribution of participation among students. To put your students at ease, we advise that you explain to your class that the CEE Specialist is there to gather information about your teaching and is primarily observing you, not them.

What happens during the classroom observation follow-up consultation?

You and the CEE Specialist will meet to review and discuss the observation data, typically 7 business days after the classroom visit. By reviewing the observation data, you and the CEE  consultant will be able to plan strategies that will lead to improved learning for your students in the specific context of your class.