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Technology is an integral part of learning and teaching at UC Davis. It can be challenging to keep up with the constantly evolving educational technologies available, but very rewarding to see the transformations technology can bring to the classroom. CEE specialists will work with you to identify how to integrate technology that aligns with your learning objectives, assessments, instructional goals, and to support you throughout the process.

Hybridizing Applied Macroeconomic Development for Student Success

Janine Wilson
Hybridizing Applied Macroeconomic Development for Student Success

Hybridizing Applied Macroeconomic Development for Student Success

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Janine Wilson
CEE Contact: Cara Harwood Theisen
Description: To increase student engagement and promote deeper learning, Dr. Wilson partnered with CEE and ATS to redesign her Applied Macroeconomic Development course from a traditional lecture-based format to a hybrid delivery.  The hybrid design replaces lectures with online videos, and allows students to meet face-to-face in smaller groups where the instructor guides them through case studies of developing countries and uses clickers to assess learning. This course was redesigned through the Designing Hybrid Courses faculty workshop series and the Provost Hybrid Course Award.
Tags: hybrid learning, flipped classroom, clickers

"Perhaps the most exciting thing about the course was the opportunity to interact with students in discussion sections. By engaging for an hour in a complex task, I was able to witness and guide their thought process around communication questions in ways that are difficult in large lecture classes. In a very real way, moving instruction online made class more personal and intimate"
—Laramie Taylor

Collaborative design of a new hybrid and online course: Introduction to Human Communication 

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Laramie Taylor and faculty from the Communication Department
CEE Contact: Cara Harwood Theisen
Description: Introduction to Human Communication (CMN 010V) course features online learning modules, each developed by the Communication faculty member with expertise in that area. The course, offered in both hybrid and online formats, leverages technology to integrate collaborative online instruction, ongoing assessment, synchronous discussions, and student projects. This innovative course was developed in collaboration with CEE and ATS and funded by the Provost Hybrid Course Award at UC Davis and the Innovative Learning Technology Initiative from UCOP.
Tags: hybrid learning, online learning, collaborative design, team teaching, flipped classroom