CEE collaborates with many departments and faculty on campus to make data-driven and evidence-based improvements in undergraduate education. Collaborations have varying  degrees of involvement, ranging from consultations about teaching practices to new course design, intensive data collection, and pedagogical experiments. Below are some examples of some of our past and ongoing collaborations:

Project Name: Practice-based Training of Graduate Teaching Assistants

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Michele Igo, Mitch Singer, Marc Facciotti, Erin Easlon
CEE Contact: Marco Molinaro
Description: Starting Fall 2013, TA training for BIS2A introductory biology has emphasized use of evidence-based instructional techniques that increase student engagement, practice, and feedback. Extensive classroom observations of TA classroom practices have shown that use of specific active-learning techniques is strongly associated with improved student learning.  This project is a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative, the University of Washington’s Biology Education Research Group, and the UC Davis Microbiology department, and is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the AAU STEM initiative.  Two research papers are in preparation for publication.
Tags: TA Training, Active Learning, Analytics

Project Name: Building Problem-solving Skills in Introductory Biology

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Michele Igo, Marc Facciotti, Mitch Singer, Erin Easlon
CEE Contact: Marco Molinaro
Description: Several instructors in the introductory biology (BIS 2) series have been working with the CEE team to integrate curriculum, instruction, and assessments that emphasize and support student development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. This project was featured in a New York Times article on improving STEM education in large research universities.

Tags: TA Training, Active Learning, Analytics

Project Name: Summer Prep Chem

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Susan Kauzlarich, Derek Dockter (Graduate Student)
CEE Contact: Catherine Uvarov
Description: CEE, in partnership with the Chemistry Department and a graduate student from the School of Education, is evaluating the effectiveness of a Summer Preparatory Course (SP-Chem) to prepare incoming freshmen students for General Chemistry. The adaptive-learning course is done online through ALEKS.com the summer before they start at UC Davis.

TagsChemistry, Online-Learning, Analytics

Project Name: Establishing Baseline Student Learning in Large Lecture

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Susan Kauzlarich (chair), and all CHE 2 instructors
CEE Contact: Catherine Uvarov, Alberto Guzman-Alvarez
Description: The Department of Chemistry, in partnership with CEE, has been collecting data in the existing General Chemistry course sequence, CHE 2. The purpose of this data collection is to establish baseline student performance so that any changes to instruction have a reference point for comparison. Data includes student learning gains, self-reported study habits, attitudes about science, and classroom observation data.
Tags: Chemistry, Assessment, Analytics