Course (re)Design

Many factors affect course design. The specialists at CEE are ready to partner with instructors as they build and redesign their courses. We start with some simple questions:

  • What knowledge do you want your students to achieve by the end of the course?
  • What skills should students master by the end of the course?
  • What are the attitudes students should demonstrate and value by the end of the course?

We will discuss pedagogical strategies informed by evidence to help you make decisions about the design of your course. Whether you plan to revise an existing course, convert it to a hybrid format or transition it to a fully online version, CEE can help you meet your goals.

Project Name: Redesigning Beer and the Science of Brewing

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Charlie Bamforth
CEE Contact: Kem Saichaie
Description: Professor Charlie Bamforth is redesigning his popular course on Beer and the Science of Brewing into a fully online course. The redesign is a collaboration with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, ATS, CEE, University Libraries, and Extension, This project is supported by funds from the Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) through the Office of the Chancellor and President.
Tags: Redesign, Online Learning, Beer

Project Name: Designing Chemistry for Life Science

Instructor(s)/PI(s): Cross-Disciplinary Faculty Committee
CEE Contact: Catherine Uvarov, Marco Molinaro
Description: The Chemistry Department, in partnership with CEE, is developing a new integrated general/organic chemistry course sequence, Chemistry for Life Sciences. The new sequence will explore the big ideas of chemistry in the context of life, medicine, environment, and technology with an approach targeted to students majoring in biology and other non-chemistry majors. We will adapt University of Arizona Professor Vicente Talanquer’s Chemical Thinking curriculum for the first three quarters, and develop an additional two quarters to cover organic chemistry in more depth.
Tags: Chemistry, Course Design, Pedagogy