Sreenidhi Krishnamoorthy


TA Consultant

Hi! I am Sreenidhi, a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering. This is my second year as a TA Consultant at the Center for Educational Effectiveness.

I came to UC Davis after graduating with a BS degree from India and with an MS from University of Cincinnati, and then working with Trane air-conditioning company for 6 years as Modeling & Simulation Engineer. Over the years I have served as a TA several times at UC Davis and at Univ. of Cincinnati. I have also tutored high school and college level students one-on-one in math and chemistry. While working at Trane, I relished the opportunity to lead a team of 8 members with diverse personalities and geographical backgrounds.

During teaching, I love to put myself in the shoes of the students and feel a special joy when students feel they have learnt something through my teaching. The TAC position has enhanced my pedagogic skills by giving a well-defined structure to my concept of student-centered teaching. I have been exposed to discipline-independent teaching methodologies, which when put into practice, has made my teaching more effective. The TAC program has also taught me how to be culturally competent and inclusive during the process of instruction. Above all it has vastly improved my collaborative and leadership skills.

Outside of work, I spend time with my wife, watch cricket matches on TV and try to cook tasty dishes in the kitchen.