McCage Griffiths


TA Consultant

Hello! My name is McCage Griffiths and I am a fifth year PhD Candidate in the Political Science department. I primarily study political parties and the vast number of reasons they might choose to change their positions on policies (but very rarely do).

My teaching experience has been predominantly here at UC Davis, with three years as a TA and discussion leader, and the last year and a half as an Associate Instructor. I approach the learning environment as mutualistic, where an effective educator is not only one who communicates information well, but also creates an atmosphere where all students want to (and are able to) actively engage with the learning process. To achieve this, my primary teaching goals center on developing strong critical thinking skills, collaborative theory-building, and diverse and open discussions. I’m a strong advocate for Socratic methods – the right questions can often make the difference between a good dialogue and a great one. But when I’m not being so old fashioned, I like to bring new media and technology into the classroom as well.

Outside of teaching and researching, I love playing video and board games, playing guitar, and most recently; I’ve been learning to blacksmith.