Marisella Rodriguez


TA Consultant Coordinator

Hello! My name is Marisella Rodriguez and this is my second year in the Teaching Assistant Consultation (TAC) program. I am a PhD candidate in the Political Science department and a Coordinator for the TAC program. I have decided to continue participating in the TAC program because it is a collaborative environment that challenges me in the best ways! I am encouraged to build my leadership skills, engage with the teaching and learning literature, and promote inclusivity in a variety of different settings. What I appreciate most about this role is the opportunity to learn from my multidisciplinary colleagues and transfer the skills and knowledge I have gained to my own research and academic goals.

My teaching experience is largely geared toward discussion sections on international relations theories, foreign policy, conflict, and research design methods. My goals as an instructor are to encourage critical thinking, strong discussion skills, and collaboration among students. My strengths in the classroom are ways in which we promote student engagement; I work to incorporate teaching simulations, small-group discussions, and technology in nearly every lesson I plan! After a year of engaging with teaching and learning methods in the TAC program, I am interested in incorporating metacognitive activities in my classroom and prioritizing Universal Design for Learning when constructing lesson plans. My goals in the TAC program are to create a cohesive teaching philosophy geared toward student-centered learning and work alongside my TAC colleagues to develop and offer effective workshops that reach diverse student audiences.

Off campus, you can find me reading young adult novels, watching reality TV, and listening to Beyoncé. Usually all at the same time...