Lina Reznicek-Parrado


TA Consultant


I am Lina; a PhD candidate in Spanish Linguistics. As all other TACs, I have known teaching and learning to be one of the main motivations throughout my graduate career, and the opportunity to connect cross-disciplinary with peers through pedagogical innovation is certainly one of the perks of having the CEE as part of our campus community!

Within my discipline, I am interested in a very specific kind of teaching and learning: that of Spanish as a Heritage Language. Though I have taught Spanish to second language learners at various levels (high schoolers, college students and adult learners), my research focuses on the Spanish literacy development of students who grew up speaking Spanish as a heritage language (that is, within a context where Spanish is not the majority language, such as the U.S). I study the ways in which students of Spanish as a heritage language, who have had very unique educational experiences, mobilize innovative---though unconventional---linguistic repertoires in order to navigate academic language in Spanish.

As an educator and researcher of color, I value diversity in contexts of teaching and learning. I believe that it is because of the fact that we are different that we can actually come to understand how we best teach and learn. Being a teacher, therefore, requires constant negotiation of what constitutes learning, and what learning actually looks like may be a dynamic process which requires reflection, and an open mind (and a lot of student feedback!) A lot of these reasons are why I joined the TAC program---in order to nurture and facilitate the reflective nature of teaching and learning across campus.

Outside of my profession in the classroom, I enjoy my other profession at home---that of being a mom to a 2 year-old bilingual toddler. I am often seen playing the guitar, cooking and traveling to Colombia to visit my parents and siblings.