Jenny Colmenero


TA Consultant

Hello! My name is Jenny Colmenero. I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in the English department, and this is my second year as a Teaching Assistant Consultant. I really like doing consultations because I find them intellectually challenging and because they allow me to poke around in academic disciplines very different from my own.

I came to UC Davis to be a graduate student in the English department in Fall 2013 following the completion of my undergraduate education in Gambier, Ohio at Kenyon College. I have been a teaching assistant in a good number of courses, and for the past year I have been the Associate Instructor of my own class, UWP 1 (Expository Writing). My strength is that I have a good intuitive sense of what is going on in student’s minds during class, and I’m good at adjusting conditions so that they are in the best position to (want to) learn. I like reading research on pedagogy and through the TAC program I have facilitated several workshops on the subject.

When I am not reading books about aliens or zombies for my dissertation project, I am a reclusive figure who likes furtive trips into public, long walks where there are trees and animals, and occasionally adventures with my friends and my dog Bao-Bao.