Chris Miller


TA Consultant

Hello everyone! I’m excited to join the TAC program this year. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn from the amazing community of teachers across this campus.

I started my teaching career as a camp counselor and wilderness trip leader, which emphasized building productive and enjoyable group dynamics. Later, I learned to use information to entertain and hopefully inspire as a presenter at a science museum. During my 3 years as a TA for the Animal Science Department, my teaching focus shifted to designing participatory classroom environments where students can learn to learn. I love thinking about ways we can specifically make science classrooms (yes, even the lectures) more participatory. It is a scientist’s job to generate new knowledge by critically engaging with information; why isn’t that the central focus of the science classroom?

I’m 4th year PhD candidate in Animal Biology. I self-identify as a computational agricultural biologist. I want to use “big data” to make the world's food systems more sustainable. When I am not teaching or fighting with R, you can often find me hiking, crafting, or running while listening to an audiobook.