Alice Martinic


TA Consultant

I'm Alice and I am a fourth year PhD candidate in the Nutritional Biology Graduate Group. My research focuses on how prebiotics (for example, fiber) and probiotics (for example, the bacterial cultures in yogurt) can affect our metabolism by interacting with the bacteria living in our gut.

My teaching experience is primarily as a TA in the department of Food Science and Technology. I've had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of classes there but my favorite course to TA is Food Chemistry Lab. I really enjoy the smaller lab sizes and the opportunity to engage with each student individually. It has helped me to appreciate the many ways people learn and has inspired me to adopt new teaching strategies to create an inclusive learning environment. I applied to the TAC program in part because I want to help other graduate students develop their teaching skills and feel more confident in the classroom. I'm also excited to develop my own teaching philosophy through collaboration with colleagues in all disciplines at UC Davis.

When I'm not on campus, I'm often outside hiking, camping, or cycling. I also love to cook, bake desserts (I'm getting my PhD in Nutrition but my favorite food is still chocolate chip cookies), and play with my dog, Piñon.